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How to select a marine butterfly valve?

Marine butterfly valves are generally divided into center type butterfly valves, double eccentric butterfly valves, and triple eccentric hard seal butterfly valves. They are used in ballast water pipelines to transport liquid or gas flow, and are a type of valve used to control or cut off fluids. The characteristics of marine butterfly valves are simple structure, light weight, convenient operation, and good safety in use. Below, we will introduce marine butterfly valves in several aspects.

1 Center type marine butterfly valve

1. The design structure is novel, with small overall size and light weight.

2. The butterfly plate adopts double eccentricity, with quick opening and closing, and easy and labor-saving operation.

3. There is no sliding friction between the butterfly plate and the sealing ring, the sealing surface is wear-resistant, has a long service life, is reliable in sealing, and is easy to adjust

2 Marine double eccentric butterfly valve

1. Adopting a double eccentric structure, it has a longer service life than the centerline butterfly valve

2. Two stage valve stem design increases flow area and reduces flow resistance

3. The bottom of the valve stem is designed with a labor-saving device, resulting in a smaller operating torque

3 Marine triple eccentric butterfly valve

1. The butterfly plate sealing ring is a soft and hard multi-layer laminated metal ring, which has the dual advantages of metal hard sealing and elastic sealing. It has excellent sealing performance regardless of low or high temperatures.

2. Adopting a three-dimensional eccentric structure, the valve seat and butterfly plate have almost no friction, and have a sealing function that becomes tighter as they close, with adjustment function.

3. The sealing surface of the valve body of the flange type hard sealed butterfly valve is made of cobalt based hard alloy, which is wear-resistant and has a long service life.

4. The flange type hard sealed butterfly valve is resistant to high temperature and corrosion.

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